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Thai massage is not just a complex of physical exercises and manipulations of a professional massage therapist. This is a special ritual where the process of exchange of internal energy between the massage therapist and the patient plays a huge role. It is in this case that the full potential of Thai massage is revealed. An important role in a good result is played by the atmosphere of the salon, its design, incense, cosmetics for the session, musical accompaniment, etiquette, the behavior of masseurs and salon personnel. Therefore, we tried to collect for you all these factors in their best manifestations, so that you could comprehend the whole essence of the ritual of Thai massage, with all its consequences - such as complete relaxation, purification of thoughts and restoration of psychological balance, simultaneously with the acquisition of strength and vital energy. Indeed, according to the basics of Thai medicine, a special energy circulates through our body - vital energy. The paths of its passage are special meridians and channels that are associated with certain organs and parts of the body. According to this principle, a person feels excellent and healthy only when nothing prevents this energy from moving along its course and is harmoniously distributed throughout the body, which is what professional massage therapists do during a session.

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Oksana Shcherbyna

Perfect oil massage. Very grateful for your service!
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bruno vanherpe

Had a wonderful Thai massage from thiem, honestly... The best Thai massage I ever received. She stretched to the limits with plenty of control...
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Engtelligent. (Lilia Kardenas)

A brilliant place. I went for a whole-body oil massage. Felt instantly impressed right after I walked in. The atmosphere was indeed calm and nice. There was some beautiful piano music playing, and there were also some burning candles and statuettes of Buddha thoughtfully positioned all over the place. The receptionist offered me green tea and asked me if I had any specific preferences for the type of massage I had chosen (I didn't have any). The massage professional was kind and friendly. We spoke English and understood each other in an instant. Her hands felt reasonably strong, but equally warm and caring. I could feel energy blocks dissolve and new energy pulsating through my body as the masseuse was working through my muscles. I left feeling light and invigorated. The salon kindly provides clients with towels, a pair of disposable thongs, a shower cap and a pair of disposable slippers. I felt properly cared for and kindly supported throughout the experience. Thanks a million for a whale of a time that I had. I shall definitely pop back at some point!
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Said Omar

A real-deal place for a massage Very well clean and organized place Professional Thai girls who understand the defected places in your body and work on it And also they don't forget about the courtesy of offering you a herbal Chinese tea with piece of sweet after the session! Prices are adequate, especially if you happen to be within their offers periods! Recommended especially if you have nick, shoulder or back twists!
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Raj Armani

This is by far the best Thai spa I have even been to. If you come here, ask for Lan and she will give you a body trip to Bangkok and back. Best Masseuse outside of Thailand and better than the ones there
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