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Arugula is a cozy cafe for friends with authentic Italian cuisine. Each region of Italy has its own recipes, we have collected the best. Risotto, homemade pasta with various additives, meat grill menu and Neapolitan pizza are cooked on charcoal. The ingredients are eco-products that are delivered from Italy. The delicate sweetness of Tiramisu and the tenderness of Panna Cotta cannot be confused with anything else, and the best drinks from Tuscany, Liguria and Veneto await you in the wine list. Italian dishes are expertly executed by the chef. And all this - in a friendly atmosphere with a stylish bright interior and at affordable prices. Couples and rowdy students, tourists and lovers, artists and poets, as well as large companies - in Arugula are equally comfortable for everyone. For banquets and parties there is a discount of 20%. You can celebrate your birthday here with a 30% discount on the entire kitchen menu, and get a 20% discount within a week after the holiday date. You can have a hearty breakfast in the morning at the Arugula restaurant in the DOMA shopping center, near the Darnitsa metro station. The special menu is very extensive and prepared by the chef with love. Poached eggs, homemade scrambled eggs with bacon and mushrooms, pancakes with cottage cheese, tender cheesecakes and invigorating coffee. In a special menu, Del Mare, the main emphasis is on seafood. Rapana with polenta, mussels, cool gazpacho with shrimps, fritters with zucchini and pickled salmon, bright saute - are best combined with the refreshing taste of white wine. Tasty and healthy Menu di Avocado includes delicate Belgian waffles with parma and avocado cream, crispy Focaccia with avocado and Straccatella cheese, salmon tartare with avocado cream, spaghetti with zucchini and avocado cream, as well as avocado and quinoa salad. We pay special attention to the children's direction. There are game rooms for kids in the restaurant, and perky creative animators will always invent exciting activity to make the child interesting and fun. Over the weekend, the masters conduct tasty and healthy workshops. In a playful way, young guests learn culinary tricks. Every day from 15:00 to 18:00 you can catch happy hours when you can enjoy your favorite dishes for free - ordering one and receiving the second as a gift. The chef's culinary fantasy, implemented in a special lunch menu, can be enjoyed from 12:00 to 15:00. Fettuccine bolognese, calzone, chicken with poached eggs or couscous and mushrooms with BBQ sauce. And also Minestrone's signature soup. The order and number of dishes vary only by you. The culinary masterpieces and atmosphere of sunny Italy are closer than you think. We are waiting for you in Arugula!

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Ruslan Kotsuba

Скуштували якось тут піцу, яка дуже сподобалася. Вирішили замовити її ще раз коли відвідали вже заклад на Подолі. І зрозуміли, що не всюди в цій мережі вміють готувати. Через деякий час знову ту саму піцу замовили в Рукколі на Маяковського - тут все стабільно смачно.
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Klaus Werner Wolf

It's a nice place.
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Whiskey Hangover

Good service and dishes! The most canonic café for the hipsters!
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Олежка Олежконович

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Next to Arugula (on the street. Builders)


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