Akademika Glushkova Avenue, 11, Kyiv

About the place

Restaurant "Vitryak" is a place for those who are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city and stuffy offices. At the entrance to the restaurant "Vitryak" you are met by the only windmill in Kiev. The interior of the restaurant is made in the style of an old Ukrainian hut, which perfectly combines traditional antique jewelry and modern technology. Here guests have at their disposal a main hall (for 150 people), a fireplace hall (for 180 people), a VIP hall (for 25 people) and a summer terrace. The menu of the restaurant "Vitryak" dishes of Ukrainian and European cuisine. In the evenings, the restaurant hosts performances by musicians, incendiary shows and raffle prizes.

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Иван Шанин

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Next to Restaurant Windmill


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