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A restaurant in Ukrainian is not necessarily a shred with national attributes, a restaurant with national cuisine, and certainly not an institution with understated standards. The restaurant in Ukrainian is a place that is suitable for the relaxation of our people. The T Art restaurant was able to understand the Ukrainian soul, sort out the latent desires of our restaurant connoisseur and put it all in one place.
And now more specifically about everything that we expect from the restaurant.

So let's go through:

The cuisine for T Art is like paintings for a gallery: the center of attention, art, it is for true connoisseurs. The cuisine of Ti Arta is led by the eminent chef Nguyen Philipp, who is familiar to many Kyiv residents and restaurant critics with his triumphs in the Concord restaurant. He has his own style, his own special approach and his own scale of product quality standards.

Menu “T Art” is non-standard. This is fusion with an emphasis on fine Italian cuisine and a beer menu. Exquisite cocktail salads, dishes of exotic fish, shellfish and crustaceans, a variety of rack and carpaccio, interesting and bold mixes ...

A special place in the heart of the chef and restaurant guests is occupied by Mediterranean dishes. Separately, note the non-analogous kind of pike perch stuffed with salmon, or a unique black sauce. For lovers of the classics - “Caesar” according to the original recipe, Ukrainian borsch and pancakes, pancakes for every taste.

Fans of hop and foam will appreciate the widest selection of beer specialties. T-Beer beer snacks are envied even by venerable pubs. Here they make you take a different look at the beer kitchen. Not a gentleman's set of shop basturma-cheese-nuts, but author's dishes. All cold cuts, sausages and smoked meats were made by the skillful hands of T-Art cooks. Sauces and seasonings for fragrant sausages and tender boiled pork are made according to the author’s original recipe, the subtleties of which he prefers to keep secret.

When choosing the ingredients, the freshness, benefits of the product and its compliance with all international indicators are strictly observed. That is why when preparing dishes in “Ti Arta” use as little factory as possible. What you can do with your own hands - and with good equipment, you can do almost everything - is done right here in the restaurant. Bread, mayonnaise, pickles. And also meat delicacies - sausages, smoked meats, beer goodies.

To not strangle the toad

T-Art opened in difficult times for the country to simplify it as much as possible. The pricing policy for an institution of this class is low. But the leadership is confident: normal, and it is necessary. Honestly, hearing from domestic restaurateurs is very nice. The portions are large, the prices are loyal. And "T-Art", meanwhile, not counting that he did everything possible or a favor with his prices, continues to go and go to meet the guest. All new promotions, ideas, profitable banquet solutions.

To relax - in our opinion

The T-Art menu is designed to suit everyone's requirements. Lovers of food are not only tasty, but also many, heroic servings will delight.

For children, the chef has developed a special children's page that will convince the kids: useful - does not mean at all not tasty.

To a birthday, wedding, christening - chic, inexpensive, without hassle

Celebrations - the fad of "T-Art." And not because he specializes in them, but because they are excellent at him. It is known that if a person likes to do something, he will give all his pleasure. Organization of holidays for restaurant managers is the realization of creativity and a kind of hobby. Therefore, in the arsenal of "T-Art" - an incredible number of attributes that make the holidays unforgettable. Dishes for all occasions: for weddings - delicate, for mature anniversaries - expensive luxury, cheerful - for children, a variety of tablecloths, napkins and curtains, remote arches, flowers, doves and drapery.

Depending on the event, the restaurant transforms, reflecting your mood. Encouraged by the success, the enthusiasts of "T Art" are now taken not only to decorate, but also to organize a celebration. Tip: when preparing for a grand event at T-Art, just ask what they can do for you, or even ask. Cheerful and good-natured restaurant owners will do everything to make you satisfied.

To make it convenient

The location of most of the good restaurants in the capital is the center. But sometimes you really want to have something close by if you live in a “sleeping bag”, or just do not stand in traffic jams on the main streets. T-Art has chosen a very popular place for itself. He, like a delicious white mushroom, hid in the greenery of one of the courtyards on Voskresenka. And believe me, having found this secluded place you won’t exchange T-Art for any other restaurant!

Review 12

Victoria Ivashkevich

Отличный ресторанчик, праздновали свадьбу в октябре. Еда, обслуживание и подача на 5. Рекомендую для банкетов)
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Oksi Pilipenko

Красивый интерьер, очень вкусные блюда, красивая подача.
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Евгения Кукурудза

Удобное расположение, прекрасная подача блюд и просто восхитительно вкусно. Красивый интерьер
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Андрей Матвиенко

Відмічали христини у синочка! Все дуже добре і кухня і ставлення! Рекомендую????
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Андрей Матвиенко

Відмічали христини у синочка! Все дуже добре і кухня і ставлення! Рекомендую????
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Oleksandra Maksakova

Отмечали там свадьбу подруги, очень понравилось! Сервис на высоте, еда просто супер! Была действительно приятно удивлена, так как место находится в такой локации, что и не подумаешь, что внутри все может быть на таком уровне. Спасибо!
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Sergey Sushchenko

Праздновали свадьбу. Масса позитивных эмоций. Спасибо огромное всему коллективу ресторана. Отдельная благодарность Шеф-повару Игорю. Обязательно приедем ещё. Рекомендую!!!
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Ирина Величко

Готують неймовірно смачно! Є лише один мінус, коли ми тут замовляли ресторан на день народження, в іншому залі вже було заплановане весілля. Але мене запевнили, що повари встигнуть всіх обслужити. Але коли ми туди приїхали, виявилося, що крім нас і весілля, тут ще один день народження. Тому нам подавали гарячі страви вже о 21:00, хоча ми домовлялися на 19:30. Знижки ніхто не зробив. А страви були дуже смачні, шкода, що так пізно.
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Olga Kikhno

Все сподобалось, а головне смачно)))
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Петро Лещук

Годують смачно, по-домашньому, інтер'єр не сподобався.
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Юрій Цирельчук

Ok !
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Miles LUX

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