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Do you want to have a great weekend or just spend your free time in Kiev? Then in X-Park you will find many exciting adventures, such as playing beach volleyball
Each beach volleyball court at X-Park is available to everyone. Hour game on it is 200 UAH. All are well maintained and equipped in the best way. In the game itself is nothing complicated. On the field, divided by the center of the net, two teams gather, the players of which forward the ball to the side of the enemy with their hands. Victory is counted when you earn a certain number of points, which are assigned to the team that managed to send the ball to the opponent's field so that he hit the ground. Also, due to pressure and speed, you can force your opponents to make mistakes themselves.

This sport is perfect for all ages. Volleyball for children and teenagers is even organized in X-Park. It is very popular all over the world and since 1964 is included in the Olympic program. This is a non-contact sport. All players take their places on the field of a strictly defined role and specialization. For a volleyball player, the most important quality is jumping ability, as well as high coordination, reaction speed and physical endurance. These qualities are developed by this discipline.

In Kiev, you can perfectly break away on the territory of X-Park, for example, by playing volleyball
In X-Park, you can sign up for volleyball lessons and get trained. Occupation is even though it requires you to maximize participation and endurance, but it is not difficult. William J. Morgan is considered the inventor of this game all over the world. He was a physical education teacher at Holyoke College in the United States. Once, in 1895, he had the interesting idea to hang a tennis net at the level of two meters and to offer his students to throw a basketball ball over it.

The game was very popular with teenagers, and every year its popularity grew, and with it, a certain set of rules and technical conditions appeared. Already in 1922, national competitions were held in Brooklyn. After that, the technique and tactics of volleyball players began to improve and perfected to perfection. To achieve mastery in this matter, you can go through volleyball training in Kiev at X-Park grounds. If this occupation starts to bother you, then you can try to jump on a professional trampoline and get new impressions.

Review 5

Anton Waschuk

Great place to do extreme sports, both land amd water.
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Ilya Verhman

Good place for a wide variety of a sports activity. From kayak to paint ball. Recommend
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Dennis Mogiley

Overall the place is fine. Only two negative sides are: 1. They have issues with accepting payment by a card for quite some time now 2. Service can be on a slower side
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Quinn Johnson

This place is so cool! For quite inexpensive you can rent a wakeboard and ride around the lake on it with a line controlled by a worker. They have jumps too. You can also rent boats, jetskis, etc.
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If you want to chill or just have fun - you are welcome. Cool place and planning to visit it again)
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