Heroes of Stalingrad, 27, Kyiv

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The cozy and bright PESTO CAFE restaurants delight adults and young guests every day. There is a lot of light, greenery, flowers and life.

The most important thing for us: to create convenience and coziness for the family, we pay special attention to children !! For us - family, this is a place where they are always waiting, where they are always happy to see and you feel peaceful, comfortable and convenient. All PESTO CAFE have separate children's rooms in which young guests play with their favorite toys, watch cartoons, draw, jump, and have fun at home. All children's rooms work with a nanny. By appointment, master classes from the chef are held.

Children's birthday parties with animators and entertainments for children are very popular among young guests.

The first family Italian restaurant PESTO CAFÉ was opened on July 12, 2014 at the address: Krasnozvezdny Avenue, 4d, NOVUS Shopping Center, second floor. This is the largest restaurant in the chain: here you can just have breakfast or meet with the company while watching sports on the big screen, celebrate your birthday and corporate party in a separate room, or sing karaoke

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Иван Дацко

Today, cozy, colorful place. Welcoming and attentive staff, fresh kids rooms.
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aequitas aequitas

Pesto Cafe is one of my favorite restaurant, there are nice meat dishes as well as pizzas.
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sketonec .

Staff is friendly and the atmosphere is warm, but nothing great about it. If you there to relax or chat with someone in silence, it is better to rethink, because it is designed extremely well for someone with children (menu, special areas, specialized toilets with diapers). Food is nice, but there is a feature of this restaurant that has two sides. If you order something from 3 pm to 5 pm on weekdays you get two dishes for the price of one (very common for inexpensive restaurants in Ukraine). It is great, but the size of the dish is small making the price too high for a single dish. Additionally, they do not state it in the menu and the waitresses did not inform us, because the unfortunate part of it is that we came there at 2:40 pm. However, when we finished our dish we wanted something else, because it was not enough another waitress said that there is a "two for one" deal. Personally, I have an idea that they make dishes for people who order two for one a bit smaller and we ordered just a bit before that, so they might have thought that it will be for the deal. Another fact that may contribute to this theory is that me and grind ordered same dish.
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Jaroslav Denysov

Great place for family pizza. Equipped with large playroom for kids, baby room, babysitter, restrooms, friendly staff. Offers Italian food.
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