st. Marshal Tymoshenko, 29 Kiev

About the place

The East is a delicate, refined and very tasty business. To be convinced of it, it is enough to visit only once an east oasis of hospitality and kindness - restaurant MARAKUYYA on Obolon. Only after crossing the threshold of this institution, you will love it forever! In the future, sympathy for him will only grow - thanks to food, drink, service and entertainment. But about everything in order.
The atmosphere of the restaurant is conducive to rest and pleasant leisure. Lots of screens and cozy corners, soft poufs with bright pillows and fluffy carpets are the best way to relax.
The cuisine of the passion fruit restaurant is full of temptations for every taste! Classic European dishes, traditional oriental treats and special Moroccan gastronomic delights are extensively presented here. One of the most famous and popular dishes is tajine. Its taste and aroma are enjoyed by meat connoisseurs, vegetable lovers and fans of oriental dishes. Try it for yourself! You will surely be delighted!
MARAKUYA is an oriental restaurant, which means that the most remote corners of the planet, such as Japan, are also gastronomically represented here. Sushi, sashimi, rolls, gunkan, poppies - everything the soul desires! Moreover, it is delicious and fun!
Among the artistic and creative natures, the passion fruit restaurant is known for its stunning karaoke hall. You can sing here at least around the clock! A separate room for 75 guests with excellent sound insulation, first-class Evolution system and professional arrangement will help you feel like a real star!
In the restaurant MARAKUYA it is pleasant and comfortable always - in the mornings for breakfast, in the afternoon during a business lunch, in the evening - in the company of friends for celebration of a pleasant event.
Every visit to the restaurant MARAKUYYA becomes a holiday, tasty and pleasant, and its scale and duration depend only on your wishes.

Review 5

Theodore Moore, Jr

Good place for karaoke! They have a very good sound system and plenty of songs to choose from. Very good food to go along with good music, and great people!
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Dima Kantargi

Pretty good food and everything is served nicely
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Talking only about karaoke, I don't like the idea of paying for every song to perform even if there's no one else to be in a queue. And yet, their menu doesn't have a pizza. The good thing there is an admin who can play any instrumentals from your phone by a request.
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Oleksandr Korobov

Early breakfast and working 24/7 with very good food quality.
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Neil W

Good food, quality was good, staff could be a little more friendly but overall quite good
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