Stepan Bander Avenue, 5, Kyiv

About the place

Kurenivsky Park - a park of culture and recreation is located in the Podolsky district of the city of Kiev. It was created in the 1960s of the 20th century during the re-planning of the Kurenovka area after the Kureniv tragedy. Earlier there was a nameless square. The total area is 8.18 hectares.

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Alhassan E. Jatta

Waw very nice place, people walk with their children and dogs, some people go there for exercise, it’s a lovely place! I like to walk around there sometimes.
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Andrii Zatullo

Good place for walking or morning running. But no lanterns light at the everning.
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Natalia Najmi

Not so big but beautiful park. Nice to come with children. There are games and attractions for them there. For adults there is one of the most popular night clubs called "Freedom"
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Александра Нескорода

Nice park, with "sport life" and concert hall "Freedom" and one restaurant! Playing ground for children is nice!
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Wonder Why

Little park. A little noisy, a lot of children with parents are here. 60-70 % of benches are busy, but you can find one free. No squirrels there (feelssad) only pigeons and crows. There is some entertainment for children like trampoline (paid), slides and swings etc. On other side of park athletic field and fountain is placed.
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Next to Kurenivskyi Park

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