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Coworking (from the English. Co-working, "joint work") in a broad sense - approach to the organization of labor of people with different employment in the common space; in a narrow - like space, a collective office (English coworking space). Coworking is characterized by the flexible organization of the workspace and the desire to form communities of residents and internal culture (Wiki).

Togolka is a one-time free group work for the quick execution of large-scale work: harvesting, construction of buildings and more. According to the customs of Ukrainians, Byelorussians, Baltic people and many other cultures, it is a form of mutual assistance that is called for by neighbors, relatives and comrades. Usually talk involves treating employees)) in English "Communal work" or "Barn raising" (Wiki)

Review 4

Vladimir Volosyuk

Only two conference rooms for calls. The rest is good.
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Stanislav Dekalo

Pretty good for such reasonable price. Not crowdy. Tea and snacks available. I see only one minus, it is toilet that located on the first floor (co-working on third) it is bit too far.
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Illya Soykin

One of the best co-working for the reasonable price. Home atmosphere, coffee machine, many kinds of tea, fresh cookies, toasts and jam for your convenience. Opposite on the same floor is vegetarian cafeteria where you can eat for very good price, after 20:00 50% off for all food. Co-working is in Tourist hotel right next to metro station. Kind and hospital personnel able to help you with printing or scanning documents, or arranging workplace for you. Big windows allowing a lot of daylight. Highly recommended!!! 5 starts!!!
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Ivan Lipsha

Nice place to work in complete silence. Tea and coffee with some snacks are free of charge
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