Kytaivska St, 32, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000

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In surrounded by wooded, Dnieper hills, one of the most beautiful places is located in Kiev, Kitaevo. The tract is on the peninsula and here you can see that neither is the most natural nature in all its glory. Plus, a very beautiful cascade of picturesque ponds, called Chinas (in the amount of their number reaches three). In general, walking is interesting in winter and summer.

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Yaroslav Kokhanovskyi

Nice park to have a walk.
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Alexandr Panchenko

Lovely place, it is very silent and serene. You can really feel the touch of nature there. This park located in a part of Kiev that has many hills and valleys, so it won't be very easy to walk around, but it definitely worth it. You may come to Pirogovo, Didorovski lakes or even VDNH and haslot of concealed and secluded getaways where you won't meet a single person during the day.
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Moses Matveeff

Near-Kyiv forest, must see in Ukr capital
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eva johnson

Beautiful place for a sunset. I'd like to come back when leaves are on the trees.
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