Cosmopolite Multimall

Cosmopolite Multimall

Cosmopolite MULTIMALL - shopping, restaurants, entertainment, leisure and business in one area!

The Cosmopolitan Shopping and Entertainment Center has become a MULTI space for living, entertaining, relaxing, shopping and doing business. Modern, multifunctional, comfortable, Cosmopolite has changed so you, your family or your friends can get a MULTI set of impressions and unforgettable emotions at any time.

The modern rhythm of life requires change. The traditional shopping malls of Kyiv are no longer suitable for a person who is on the move and in a hurry. The rhythm sets the changes! Cosmopolitan Kyiv shopping mall is now more than just a place for shopping and entertainment. Cosmopolite MULTIMALL has become a kind of metropolis that will replace you with hundreds of places at a time. MULTIMALL blurs boundaries and expands borders, it is the best format for those who value their time and require comfort and vivid emotions.

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