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Figaro here ... Figaro there ...

Seniors and Senorites!

Let me recomend: I am a reckless adventurer, romantic, and a minion of fate. I prefer to take all the best from life: to get acquainted and flirt with charming women, leisurely and plainly talk with smart and interesting men, eat only the most exquisite dishes, amuse your hearing with beautiful music, and look with canvases of talented painters. And in order to spend time with pleasure, in Kiev I opened my own family restaurant and gave it my name.

The best restaurant in Kiev is Figaro!

The atmosphere of 18th-century Europe, the light of candles and the warmth of a living fire, excellent wine and delicious food, all accompanied by saxophone music ... Did you manage to imagine and enjoy the atmosphere? It's time to see for yourself that in reality all this looks even better than in thoughts.

Leave the hustle and bustle of modern life and travel temporarily to medieval Andalusia!

The cuisine that our Figaro restaurant offers will bring good mood to anyone. How else! After all, kitchen sorcerers use proven "magic" products: veal, lamb, cheese, feta cheese and vegetables grown on their own farm.

Want to contemplate how your food is cooked in a living flame? Sit at a table in the summer courtyard and watch while enjoying a glass of wine! Relax, enjoy the music, and trust the chefs and the helpful staff.

Figaro is not indifferent to holidays, noise and fun. Any event or event will be held here under the secret patronage of a comedic character.

No matter how attractive the atmosphere of antiquity, we still live in the 21st century. But as a true hero of a funny comedy, “Figaro”, of course, “both here and there” in time and space: in the atmosphere of ancient times, but also in modern times, you are given the opportunity to unforgettably celebrate a family celebration or hold a corporate party. The decor of the banquet halls, which the best restaurant in Kiev is proud of, and the enchanting lighting will be an excellent addition to the aged wine and exquisite dishes of Spanish cuisine on the menu.

Decorating with bright, colorful balloons and decorating with floral arrangements, impressive cakes, live music, fresh fruits and chocolate fountains - you and your guests will surely have something to discuss at a meal.

You can arrange a banquet in any of the five banquet halls that our cozy restaurant has, without paying a dime for their rent!

The Great Beaumarchais, for sure, could not even imagine what pleasant little things the modern “Figaro” would give:

• give your beloved and regular guests discounts from 5 to 15%
• we offer 5 luxurious banquet rooms with V.I.P.-lounge for rent without rent
• we do not charge a cortical fee and allow you to bring your favorite alcoholic drinks
• on weekdays from 12-00 to 16-00 all visitors will enjoy a delicious business lunch, which our family restaurant organizes, and from 15-00 to 16 00, we reduce guests' expenses by 15%
• offer free Wi-Fi

Figaro is a romantic roguish mischief, instantly takes you to the right place and time, creates an atmosphere and mood. All you need is to make a wish and say it out loud in the walls of our Spanish restaurant.

Review 9

таня шакур

Прекрасное обслуживание. Замечательный коллектив.
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Vladislav Kmet

Пожалуй лучшая компания по предоставлению услуг кейтеринга . Очень вкусно, каждое блюдо просто доведено до идеала, а работа официантов выше всяких похвал.
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Рома Гонтар

Ви круті! Продовжуйте в тому ж дусі, все буде WOW ;)
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Надежда Плотникова

Кейтеринг номер 1. Стильная, уютная, располагающая к общению Шоу-рум. Профессиональный радушный персонал.
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Ігор Кузьменко

Чудове затишне місце. Рекомендую!
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Victor Jonson

Фірма, яка цінує працівників. Надає широкий спектр послуг у сфері кейтерінгу.
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Юлия Юличка

Самый лучший кейтеринг! Великолепное обслуживание, красиво накрытый стол, все вовремя, никаких проблем с организацией. Может, разве что меню чуть расширить. Мы пользовались несколько раз и уже хочется чего-то новенького из блюд. Но ни к кому другому обращаться после Фигаро не хочется. Молодцы!
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Віра Семенова

була на фуршеті, організованому "фігаро" - все бездоганно: дуже смачно, велике меню, вишукано сервіровано, без жлобства, видно, що все продумано до дрібниць, атмосферно. я вражена, що є ще й охорона заходу, це круто! буду радити цей сервіс друзям, дякую команді "фігаро".
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Олександр Лебедєв

Был гостем на событии, которое обслуживала компания Фигаро-Кайтеринг. В плане четкости - все отлично: фирменные этикетки на упаковках, пустая посуда вовремя забиралась, чистая одежда сотрудников и белых скатертей на столах. Но меню и разнообразие напитков было очень ограниченное, как-то в очень сдержанном, эконом-стиле.
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