Prospect Georgy Gongadze, 18Zh, Kyiv

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About the place

In 1989, they began to build the House of Culture on the Vinogradar massif, but for some reason they did not finish it, there was not enough money for the roofing felts, the roofing felts with the project were not calculated. So still stands this building in the courtyard of residential buildings. But it was originally planned that the building would have 4 floors, 2 scenes, dressing rooms, locker rooms and rest rooms in the basements; During construction, interesting technologies were used, mixed and geometry. And to this day fragments of ventilation and heating systems have survived.

Now this building is an ordinary dump and a brothel for homeless people and drug addicts. Locals refer to it as a recreation center "Homeless". There is a lot of garbage and used syringes and the corresponding "French aromas", although several years ago more than one garbage truck was taken from here. Well-fed rats live here, there is a lot of graffiti on the walls, rusty reinforcement sticks out from everywhere, so you can gouge out your eye or pierce your leg. Also, this place is popular among young parkourists (whom the ambulance takes from time to time), photographers and cameramen.

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