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Let's get acquainted: in the photo - Pho Bo from Grandma Chi. We feel that the taste receptors are activated, so read on.
Maybe this is the first time you hear about Khu Yum and Grandma Chi (surprisingly, she's a legend).
We are very tasty, and we say it on the facts, not on the talk of any kind.
We remember that after our waiter Olezhik accidentally poured Fo Bo soup, the girls shook him like in the movie “Perfumer”.
And another legend is Chicken Satay. After my dad tasted it, we stopped riding barbecues.
And the most interesting thing is that we unite people: after drinking Thai Fashion, one woman married for the fourth time.
Welcome to Khu Yum. This is where food creates stories.

Review 5

Ani Yoseliani

This place is great. Surrounded by many fancier Asian restaurants like spicy no spicy, we always choose to come here over others. The menu is small, which means, everything is executed well. The Tom Yam soup, the pho and the unripe mango salad are ADDICTIVE. finish it off with a Vietnamese coffee and you're set. Small inside with a few tables, but it's delicious and cozy. Nothing fancy- except genuinely good food!
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Karpova Ira

Hot here because it was to crowded in Tai Privet. And surprisingly it was extremely good. The salad was fresh. Crispy and delicious. Never expected mango and carrot to go so well together. The Tom Yum soup is of a decent spiciness. So that normal people cry but still find it stimulating and flavourful. Another surprising thing is cocktails. We got ourselves a pair early on the morning, when usually these cocktails are served on the evening. All of them were very nice, refreshing and not too sweet, excellent option for sleepy morning
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Mariia Ktitorova

Great soups and pad thai. Honestly, tasted exactly like in Thailand and I am definitely be back!
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Heilig TheSaint

Probably best place to taste taiwanese cuisine in Kiev. Prices are affordable. Service can be better, but still ok.
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Alexandra Urodlyvchenko

Amazing authentic Thai food, just like in Thailand. The best place in entire Ukraine. Recommended for Thai food lovers 100/10
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