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Hot dog, cake and oysters - to cider and liqueurs.
"White Naliv" is a place about the little sins that one should afford. And about the temptation that exudes appetite.
It just needs to be felt. The desire that occurs when you think about a glass of cold apple cider "with bubbles".
Pour the cider out of the barrels located under the ceiling. The show-pouring is as follows: a powerful meter flow of cider breaks down on a glass, the drink is filled with oxygen, creates a seductive foam, and the taste becomes more expressive. It is at this point to make the first sip!
Stronger and more violent sin - apple tincture. Always want a little more.
Hot apple punch with cinnamon, clove and bady irritates appetite and necessarily warms up. What to choose for all this? Hot dog, cake and oyster!
Lemon Oyster is a fresh delicious temptation. Hot Dog. Classic or Vegan. It is possible and it is necessary to add melted cheese "raclet". Pie with chicken or apples. We value your time and your choice, therefore, in the White Navy there are always two rules: - any product or drink costs 1 € (29 hryvnia). - You will receive your order in a maximum of 3 minutes. What do you think? It seems we have a lot in common. To meet on Khreshchatyk. Fill life with taste. Let go of sins We understand your desires.

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Oleksandra Bespala

You pay for what you get, the prices are just okay. Nothing too complicated but everything tastes good, both alcohol and food. There tables inside and outside so the space is organized really well, the interior design is cool. There can be what seems like a long line in the evening but it moves really quickly. The music inside gets really loud sometimes tho
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Tasty, affordable cider and oysters. You can sit inside or stand outside by the barrel-tables.
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Tends to be crowded, but excellent cider (take it with a shot of apple liqueur), vegan food options available—check out the other address not far from this one, it may be easier to get a seat at
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Галина Дехтярук

This place offers limited positions in menu. Even too limited. But the idea and place itself gives a great change to experience unbelievable fun with all those people coming to hang out here! Here you meet both foreighners and locals. As well as I remerber all positions are for 1 euro or so. Great point to start your free of anxiety trip to Kyiv ;) Totally deserves my PLACE WHERE YOU BELONG list))
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Viktor Kalinchuk

Loved it! Even I was there Thursday noon, and the place was almost empty - the atmosphere is great! Very tasty apple pie, good cider and liquor! Must visit place in the heart of Kyiv!
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