Kiev region, the city of Yagotin.

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About the place

Hagotyn named after Hetman Kirill Rozumovsky is a regional landscape park of local significance in Ukraine. The facility is located in the Yahotyn district of Kyiv region, within the city of Yahotyn.

Area - 131.5673 hectares, the status was obtained in 2018. Administered by: Yahotyn City Council.

There are unique landscapes with valuable species of flora and fauna. Especially valuable peninsula "Round Island", which is a unique peninsula with rare vegetation of the central forest-steppe, preserved on a hill within the relict valley of the river Supiy.

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Парк місце чудове для прогулянок для відпочинку
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Парк великий і досить пристойний. Чудове місце для відпочинку. Є де пройтись і є що подивитись.
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