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Wed 16 Jan 20:00-22:00

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Галерея Высоцкий на Воздвиженке Vozdvizhenska Street, 40



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This is an amazing novel, one of the most prophetic in the 20th century, agitated and sincere and, moreover, a jubilee on the events described in it. In the history of the creation of the novel, many personal experiences, since it was created not only without delay, but also at the turn of the writer's private life. This is evidenced by the change of addressee of dedication: he promised to devote to one woman, and in fact he dedicated to another.

In 1925, the title of the novel sounded like a bold challenge to the victorious power, as a demonstrative use of the forbidden and stigmatized phrase “White Guard”. A play called “Days of the Turbins,” written on the material of the novel, caused an unprecedented excitement and became for several years the most popular staging of the Moscow Art Theater.

The main characters of the novel are very close to M. Bulgakov, there are obvious autobiographical details in it, everything described happens in the City, which, of course, is the only favorite and unique for Bulgakov himself. Perhaps that is why the White Guard novel sounds today in every attentive reader not only in the epoch of a century ago, but also in particular forebodings and prophecies addressed to us, perhaps. It's like the melody of the famous Kiev romance "White Acacia ...", which also experienced its unusual musical and poetic transformation.

And finally: in the novel there are many white colors: the snow-covered white City, the white fields around it, the White Hill, running down the ledges to the Dnieper, the Vladimir Hill, the White Guard, finally, scattered forever across the world ...
So, on January 16, 2019 from the Nativity of Christ ... and the novel of M. Bulgakov, created 100 years ago.

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