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The Healthy Gluzd Restaurant The Healthy Gluzd restaurant-meeting room in Kiev is a stylish gastronomic space that delights and amazes its guests with a varied, laconic menu, in which each dish is special, carefully and carefully selected. Chef Yuri Priesmky was responsible for the development of dishes and unique recipes. The chef’s work and conceptual approach are based on the promotion of local products, their introduction into the kitchen, the creation and development of new tastes from familiar products and non-standard serving.

The interior of the Healthy Gluzd restaurant is spacious, modern, filled with daylight. For a comfortable stay for guests, the Miteria is divided into zones: you can choose a place near large windows, sit in a zone at a table with comfortable armchairs in the style of the 60s, taste individual dishes at the central communication table or prefer atmospheric niches for private conversations.

What to try?

The undisputed favorite and hallmark of the Healthy Gluzd restaurant-rally is juicy meat cooked according to a special recipe for charcoal in josper. An ideal companion for such a dish would be a glass of red wine. In general, a varied wine list of the restaurant is selected with the expectation of democracy. Fans of copyright drinks will like the cocktail menu of the institution.

It is worth noting that the name of the restaurant is not a random choice. It reflects the concept of the Miteria, its special sensible approach in everything from a harmonious interior to a varied menu with decent tasty dishes. The guests of the Zdoroviy Gluzd restaurant appreciate it for its impeccable service, exceptionally excellent menu, dishes from which are prepared with high-quality local products and, of course, affordable prices.

Review 5

Sergius Master

A bit slow service, but food is pretty good and prices are not very high.
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Alexander N

New restaurant, good idea, very good food but service & interior have to be adopted accordingly
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fahar alshehhi

Nice food and great place
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Ken Herbert

Quality local meat, perfectly cooked, and at great prices.
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Yuliia Zhaha

Food is good. Greek salad definitely needs more cheese. During lunchtime the place is full. We didn't wait too long to get our order, yet we waited too long to pay.
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