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Closest to the divarity of the species: contact zoo Animal Park - interactive maydanchik on VDNG. Win a dermal skin, hto love tvarin and bazhak dіznatiya about them yakomoga more. Zavdannya Animal Park - v_dkriti for children a little secrets of living nature, as well as in love with tvarin. Here you can pogoduvat і pat all the little small bags of the zoo. Aja lishy in dotiku to spravzhnogo life in the child's heart zazduzhuyutsya kindness, vіdpovіdalnist ta love

Bezkostovnov categories:
Children orphans;
ATO + 1 child;
People with mobility of 1, 2, 3 groups;

Review 5

Anna Koval

It was nice. you can touch some animals, and some of them can touch you and try to take your necklace , goats always try to run away. And jump in you and take your cup with food☺ as for me it's good place. I like.
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Roman Baglai

#snobopro youtube
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Alex McKee

It's small but they let you in some of the animal pens to take close up selfies with the animals. Just be careful some are bitey
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Yossi Bressler

The area between the Animal park, Expo center and the National park, is rural, and it makes you calm to walk there.
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Konstantin Babiy

Great place to go with kids. You can touch and feed animals. They have several exotic species
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